Lucy Arlington is the nom de plume for the writing team of Ellery Adams and Sylvia May, two friends who collaborated on an idea that became A Novel Idea Mystery Series. Both are authors in their own right; Ellery writes cozy mysteries and Sylvia women’s fiction. See their individual bios below.

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Ellery Adams

Ellery Adams grew up on a beach near the Long Island Sound. Having spent her adult life in a series of landlocked towns, she cherishes her memories of open water, violent storms, and the smell of the sea. Ms. Adams has held many jobs including caterer, retail clerk, car salesperson, teacher, tutor, and tech writer, all the while penning poems, children’s books, and novels. She now writes full-time from her home in Virginia.

She currently writes the Books by the Bay Mysteries and the Charmed Pie Shoppe Mysteries. To learn more about Ellery and her books, visit her website.

Sylvia May is a fiction writer who was born in The Netherlands, grew up in Canada, has lived in the US, and currently resides in Bermuda. She's been writing since she was a child; however careers in computer programming and music education, and raising her children, kept her too busy to pursue it as a serious vocation. She is delighted to now be able to write full-time, in between scuba diving, golf, painting, photography, and riding her scooter. She lives with her husband and has three grown children.

Her first novel, The Unraveling of Abby Settel, was inspired by her relocation several years ago, and received an Honorable Mention in the 2011 Reader Views Literary Awards. Her second novel, Breathing Space, will be released November 2014. To learn more about Sylvia and her novel, visit her website.

Sylvia May

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